Sculptures and sculptural furniture



h.Art 2017

9th to 17th September, daily 11 - 5pm

Venue 1

ROLF HOOK @ Newport House

Solo exhibition of my work



I am present every day besides Tuesday

Newport House

Almeley, Herefordshire, HR3 6LL

Venue 2

ROLF HOOK @ All Saints Church

Garden sculptures

My work is part of the group exhibition

All Saints Church

I am present on Tuesday only

for a demonstration of my work

Brockhampton, Hereford, HR1 4SD

all information...please go to 'RH @'

Out of Nature @ Newport House

1st to 22nd October

The 'Big Visual Sculpture Feast'

During October 2017 we will be staging the third Out Of Nature sculpture exhibition in the gardens and grounds of Newport House in Herefordshire.

For 3 weeks, 1st to 22nd October, around 30 sculptors from the UK along with selected international artists will create a visual feast set against the stunning autumnal colours of Newport House gardens. Site specific pieces will be created by invited artists before and during the show.

Written by Jenny Watt

More here is the link...

Sculpture workshop 'Heart'

I am sorry, no dates for new workshops up.

Please mail, I put you on the new list for upcoming workshops.

Time: 10 am - 5 pm

Students: 5 max.

Tools: will be provided for free

Tea, coffee, water included

Soup of the day and bread included

One day workshop £ 70

Two day workshop £ 120

Material £25 (the raw piece of wood is approx 20 x 5 x 2 inch)

Place: Workshop Rolf Hook, Newport House, Almeley

In detail about the workshop

The 'heart' is a symbol for kindness, a giving spirit, passion for what we do etc. It is a shape that does what I like a student to experience.You can work on it freely it can be fastened easily to the bench.

You simply hold your tool only and pace yourself while working.

Each piece can be most individual, you do not need to stick to the template available. I can guide you to sketch your own shape which I cut out on the bandsaw for you then. You experience each step. I explain tools and techniques. We mainly work with specialized rasp, file and sandpaper. These tools are not dangerous and very therapeutic to use.

You can gently begin to get the feel for wood and tools. Within a pretty short time you will find what your mind and hands are able to do.

The workshop is about the search of inherent qualities and how to bring them out your way.

It's about the the texture, the grain, the feel of it as you work on.

It's about art.

all information...please go to 'Workshops'


You can see and touch my work in these upcoming events.